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Different types of dried meats

Dried, cured meat has existed for hundreds of years. Over time different types of meat, including beef, chicken, fish and game have been adapted into a number of different dried meat forms. Beef jerky, which is smoked, seasoned and cut into strips is much different from biltong, which is cured, air dried and can come in strips, shredded or even in powdered form. But there are a number of other dried meat forms as well.



Droewors, which means “dry sausage”, is another form of dried meat that originates from South Africa. It is made from a thin type of sausage, which helps it dry more quickly and preserve better. While it may take the form of sausage, droewors are actually made out of beef and mutton instead of pork and veal, as the latter meats can go bad during the drying process. Since it is dried, droewors will not go bad and do not need to be refrigerated. Droewors are also not cured like traditional biltong is. Because of this droewors cannot be kept in moist conditions, as mold will form more easily.

Chili bites

Chili bites are similar to biltong in that they are made from beef, however they differ in both taste and texture. Chili sticks are made using a thick and flavorful marinade of chilies and spices including coriander, black pepper, red pepper, chili powder, garlic, paprika, onion and turmeric. The sticks are soaked in the marinade for hours, soaking up every flavor, before they are ready to be dried. Chili bites are made to be chewy and firm, while biltong can be made to be tender, or dry and crumbly.

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