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Frequently asked questions about South African biltong

What is biltong?  Biltong is a type of cured, dried meat that originated in South Africa. It can be made using various types of meat, such as chicken, ostrich or game, but it is most commonly prepared using beef. What’s the difference between biltong and beef jerky? While they are similar in that they are spiced, dried meats (and mostly beef), the taste and production processes differ. Jerky is seasoned and smoked, giving it a dry, salty and smoky taste. Biltong on the other hand is cured with salt, vinegar and other spices, and hung to air dry. The result is a thicker and more flavorful meat, with taste elements that are both sweet and salty. When does biltong expire?...

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Dried meat from around the world – Part 3

Click the following link If you missed part 2 of Dried meat from around the world. Dried meat has been used for centuries as a survival technique around the world. Today, many different kinds are still prevalent in the countries where they originated. Some types, such as beef jerky, biltong and Droewors, have even begun to rise in popularity in other parts of the world such as Europe and North America. But others remain hidden gems in their countries of origin. Here are some more types of dried meat you may not have heard about. Kuivaliha A traditional delicacy of Northern Finland, Kuivaliha is salted and dried reindeer meat, which is prepared in the spring. Like most dried meat, its origins...

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Dried meat from around the world – Part 2

Click the following link If you missed part 1 of Dried meat from around the world. Dried meat has been around for hundreds of years, and used primarily by hunters, gatherers and travellers. It’s only been in the last decade or so that certain types of dried meat, such as beef jerky, have become known as road trip staples, being sold primarily in convenience stores.  But the phenomenon of dried meat goes much further – with dozens of different kinds popular all over the world. Borts Borts are long, air-dried strips of horse or cow that originated in Mongolia as travel food to last through the long winter months. The meat takes about a month to dry, after which it...

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Using biltong for every occasion

Biltong, like beef jerky, is primarily seen as a road trip staple – a snack for travellers on the go. But unlike beef jerky, biltong is actually incredibly diverse and can be added to your regular diet any day of the week and not just when on the go. Furthermore, it can be a great tool when preparing to host guests. Here are some ways you can use biltong for any occasion. Use biltong when hosting a party   If you’re hosting a cocktail party, or perhaps Christmas dinner is your responsibility this year, biltong is perfect for addition to the appetizer tray. Make up a platter with different types of cheeses and crackers and instead of using salami or...

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Finding the perfect biltong

Biltong comes in a lot of different shapes, sizes, textures and so on, which can make it difficult to know which kind you will like, especially if you’ve never tried it. Focusing on what flavors and textures you enjoy, along with what kinds of cooking you intend to use biltong in will be very helpful when making your biltong selection. Biltong can come in different shapes and sizes  Original sliced biltong is fairly thin, which makes it perfect as an on-the-go snack. It also makes it easy to add to salads, crumble into soups, or use in place of salty and unhealthy processed meats on a sandwich. But many people prefer their biltong in thicker slices, or even in chunks....

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