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Biltong Alcohol Pairings: A Recipe for Great Taste

Biltong, a form of dried, cured meat originating from South Africa, is made using a method that involves the meat being rubbed down with salt and often vinegar. Because of this, the meat is very flavorful and pairs well with many different beverages.  Biltong pairs well with wine White wines such as Xarello, Sauvignon Blanc, Godello, Albarino and Riesling all taste great when paired with the salty and savory taste of biltong. Red wines that pair best with biltong include soft red wines that have had a light oak aging such as Grenache, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Syrah. Biltong also matches well with high-aroma sangrias. Biltong pairs well with beer The saltiness of biltong also combines perfectly with certain beers,...

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