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Dried meat from around the world – Part 3

Click the following link If you missed part 2 of Dried meat from around the world. Dried meat has been used for centuries as a survival technique around the world. Today, many different kinds are still prevalent in the countries where they originated. Some types, such as beef jerky, biltong and Droewors, have even begun to rise in popularity in other parts of the world such as Europe and North America. But others remain hidden gems in their countries of origin. Here are some more types of dried meat you may not have heard about. Kuivaliha A traditional delicacy of Northern Finland, Kuivaliha is salted and dried reindeer meat, which is prepared in the spring. Like most dried meat, its origins...

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Why biltong is the perfect convenience store snack

Biltong is similar to jerky in that they are both dried meats where the most common ingredient is beef. Beef Jerky has been a convenience store staple for many years, popular among campers, truck drivers and those looking for a convenient and savory road trip snack. While beef jerky is available in nearly every convenience store and grocery store across North America, biltong is not yet as easily accessible. As the popularity of biltong continues to grow, convenience stores would benefit greatly from adding it to their shelves.  Biltong is convenient and delicious Biltong is just as convenient to sell as jerky. It can be packaged similarly and is lightweight. However, biltong differs from beef jerky in taste. Where as...

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Why biltong is the perfect food for camping

Biltong, a form of meat preservation that dates back to ancient times, originated out of a need for survival – to provide sustenance for travellers during the long winter months when food was scarce. For this reason, among others, it is the perfect snack to bring along when going camping. Biltong doesn’t need to be refrigerated   Choosing what foods to bring along when camping all boils down to the type of camping you will be doing. For many who choose to tent, electricity is not an option and so campers are left to find foods that can be preserved in a small cooler and cooked over a fire, or else don’t need to be cooled and cooked at all....

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The history of dried meat

For thousands of years countries all over the world have used different recipes and methods for preserving meat – a tradition that began out of the need for food to last travellers, hunters and explorers long trips without spoiling. Dried meat is a nutritious and lightweight food that works well for people who are constantly on the move. Dried meat – including biltong – has played a large role in the survival of humankind over many centuries.  History of dried meat in Europe The popularity of dried meat began in Europe during Roman times. The Roman army was fed mainly on a diet of pork, and the meat needed to be salted or smoked in order to preserve it. History...

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