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Different types of dried meats

Dried, cured meat has existed for hundreds of years. Over time different types of meat, including beef, chicken, fish and game have been adapted into a number of different dried meat forms. Beef jerky, which is smoked, seasoned and cut into strips is much different from biltong, which is cured, air dried and can come in strips, shredded or even in powdered form. But there are a number of other dried meat forms as well. Droewors Droewors, which means “dry sausage”, is another form of dried meat that originates from South Africa. It is made from a thin type of sausage, which helps it dry more quickly and preserve better. While it may take the form of sausage, droewors are...

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Different types of biltong

Traditionally, biltong has been made using beef. This is partly because of the taste and texture it offers. Biltong is both sweet and savoury, with hints of rich spices, while the beef texture can be either soft and juicy or tough and crumbly. But it is also because beef is widely available and cost effective.  However, biltong can also be made using other types of meat besides beef. Chicken, game, ostrich and fish have all been used to make biltong. Biltong can even be made without meat. Mushroom biltong provides a nice vegetarian option that has a similar texture and look to traditional beef biltong. Chicken biltong Instead of salt and vinegar, which is used in the beef curing process,...

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Why biltong is the perfect food for camping

Biltong, a form of meat preservation that dates back to ancient times, originated out of a need for survival – to provide sustenance for travellers during the long winter months when food was scarce. For this reason, among others, it is the perfect snack to bring along when going camping. Biltong doesn’t need to be refrigerated   Choosing what foods to bring along when camping all boils down to the type of camping you will be doing. For many who choose to tent, electricity is not an option and so campers are left to find foods that can be preserved in a small cooler and cooked over a fire, or else don’t need to be cooled and cooked at all....

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