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Who can eat biltong?

Biltong is one of the most versatile meat snacks out there. Not only does it comes in a number of different types, including beef, chicken, fish, game, ostrich and even vegetarian (mushroom), but it also comes in a number of different styles including strips, bites, cubes, shredded and even powdered. This makes it useful in a large amount of cooking dishes, and it also means that it has the ability to appeal to just about anyone.  Biltong is great for children Since biltong is 100 % beef and made using only natural ingredients and processes, it is healthy and safe for children to consume. Biltong is high in protein, which means it is a great snack for young kids who...

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Different types of dried meats

Dried, cured meat has existed for hundreds of years. Over time different types of meat, including beef, chicken, fish and game have been adapted into a number of different dried meat forms. Beef jerky, which is smoked, seasoned and cut into strips is much different from biltong, which is cured, air dried and can come in strips, shredded or even in powdered form. But there are a number of other dried meat forms as well. Droewors Droewors, which means “dry sausage”, is another form of dried meat that originates from South Africa. It is made from a thin type of sausage, which helps it dry more quickly and preserve better. While it may take the form of sausage, droewors are...

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Biltong Alcohol Pairings: A Recipe for Great Taste

Biltong, a form of dried, cured meat originating from South Africa, is made using a method that involves the meat being rubbed down with salt and often vinegar. Because of this, the meat is very flavorful and pairs well with many different beverages.  Biltong pairs well with wine White wines such as Xarello, Sauvignon Blanc, Godello, Albarino and Riesling all taste great when paired with the salty and savory taste of biltong. Red wines that pair best with biltong include soft red wines that have had a light oak aging such as Grenache, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Syrah. Biltong also matches well with high-aroma sangrias. Biltong pairs well with beer The saltiness of biltong also combines perfectly with certain beers,...

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Is biltong good for you?

Biltong is a form of dried, cured meat, most commonly made from beef, however can be made from a variety of different red meats. Many people will buy biltong because, not only is it delicious, but it is a healthy alternative to snacks like chips, fries, and candy.  Biltong is an excellent source of protein and low in carbohydrates Biltong contains no carcinogenic ingredients, and is overall a safe and delicious high protein snack. Most biltong contains over 50 per cent in pure protein value. It’s also ideal for a low carb diet. Many outdoor enthusiasts including, hunters, campers and hikers prefer biltong for this very reason. Biltong has no added chemicals or preservatives Many meat products contain very high...

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History of South African biltong in the United States

Biltong originated in South Africa and for many years was used as a food survival technique for long trips. The cured meat has been a favorite among the people of South Africa for over 400 years now.  Biltong’s influence in South Africa Biltong is unique to South Africa, both for its taste and preparation methods. Originally used a survival technique, where the meat was cured with salt and vinegar, hung to dry and then packaged in cloth bags for long journeys during the wintertime. With the introduction of refrigeration, the traditional use of biltong is no longer necessary, however it still remains as popular as ever due to its unmatchable taste. Biltong is a staple of South African food culture...

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