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Biltong in USA as described by Americans

Most South Africans will agree that biltong is a delicious. Not matter your background, biltong seems to cross all barriers. This is partly because it tastes amazing, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that South Africans all grow up with biltong available to them. From a young age (probably when the teeth start to sprout), South Africans begin eating and loving biltong.

The big question then is: What happens when Americans eat biltong for the first time? Biltong in theory may be similar to beef jerky; but if you compare the two’s taste, you quickly realise that they are worlds apart.

According to Joshua, biltong is:

“Possibly worth its weight in gold, this Biltong is so delicious that you will sell your home and your car to get just a few more bags. You might be broke and alone, but at least you'll have the best snack by your side.”

Now we can’t promise biltong will keep you warm in winter, or get you to work on time; but we can promise that biltong is the best snack all year round.

And then there’s Audrey, who basically answers our question for us:

“I just had to order more as my American co-workers ate up all my first order. I thought just South Africans would enjoy the biltong and dried boerewors, but I was wrong. They finished my first order and now I will need to order a bunch more as they all want seconds! It is good. Not just for the South African palate, but apparently for all my co-worker's palates too”.

If Audrey’s words are anything to go by, we suggest you order a little bit extra next time you purchase. Remember, sharing is caring applies to adults too!

The next question then is how does the Bull & Cleaver’s biltong compare to the biltong South Africans are eating on their home soil? Is our biltong just as good? Better? Or is it just a cheap imitation?

We think Stephen sums it up perfectly:

“I can't recommend this highly enough. It's the real thing, as an ex-pat who regularly pines for biltong, this hit the spot perfectly!

It’s not just the taste or the texture that the South Africans living abroad miss; it’s that sense of nostalgia that comes with biltong. It’s truly a taste of home and Bull and Cleaver prides itself on delivering the goods.

Courtney says it best:

“I cannot tell you how nice it is to have some proper biltong again!! It has been years since the last time I was able to get my hands on some, and growing up in South Africa I definitely missed it! Thanks for the taste of home, Bull and Cleaver!”

If we’ve learned anything from these happy customers, it’s that those who are trying our biltong for the first time seem to love it just as much as the expats do.

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It doesn’t where you are in the world you are or where you have been, the taste buds don’t lie and authentic biltong is always a welcomed treat – oh and one bag is never enough.