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5 tasty ways to get creative with biltong

Although biltong may be a delicious snack on its own, there are several recipes floating around the internet which show that it is not just a healthy snack; it can form part of an even healthier meal!

Bull and Cleaver decided to forage through the internet to find our best pick of recipes showing that delicious and nutritious can in fact form part of the same meal.

Biltong Salad

Salads are famously known as being a healthy meal. You can’t really go wrong with an assortment of your favourite fresh ingredients. Whether it’s the crisp crunch of carrots or cucumber, or your choice of creamy cheese, your body is enjoying that salad just as much as you are.

Now humans are notoriously creatures of habit, so adding biltong to a salad may seem ludicrous to some, but you can be sure those who were brave enough to try it have never looked back.

Biltong can be crunchy, or soft and juicy – so give it a try and get creative. If you’re getting tired of the classic tuna or chicken salad we’ve become so accustomed to, a biltong salad will be a welcomed changed.

Try this colourful biltong, avocado and tomato salad for a delicious taste of South Africa:


Biltong Soup


Calling North America’s winter's harsh is perhaps a bit of an understatement, but it is no secret that a hearty soup can seemingly make the snow melt away.

Biltong is the perfect ingredient to add to soup with its rich meaty flavour, complementing the other ingredients with its saltiness.

Cheese, mushroom and biltong go together like white on snow. We suggest you enjoy this meal by the fireplace on a cold, snowy day:


Biltong Muffins

A summer picnic can be a perfect day spent outside. Fill your baskets with some cheesy biltong muffins for tasty snacks that’ll keep you going until the sun goes down. The muffins are quick and easy and will certainly be worth your time.

Give these cheesy muffins a try. This recipe may be simple, but on a sunny day, simple is best:


Biltong Quiche

Looking for something a little different? A biltong quiche may sound strange, but after one bite of this convenient recipe it will become a familiarity in the kitchen.

Relatively on the healthy side and undoubtedly delicious, this recipe will certainly hit the spot with South Africans and first-timers will probably feel the same. The crispy base, soft inside and biltong flavour is a match made in quiche heaven.

Give this protein-rich cheese, egg and biltong combination a try and let us know if you agree with us. Go ahead, prove us right.


Biltong Flavoured Dip

Everybody likes a crunchy crisp, but well know that a good dip can be the difference if that packet is finished in seconds or minutes.

Sports fans around the world deserve a good chip and dip combo to enjoy while their favourite teams are competing.

One try of this recipe and it will form part of your match-day ritual. If your team happens to lose, at least you’ve had something tasty along the way. It’s love at first dip with this cream cheese based treat:


Whether you’re a South African searching for that special taste of nostalgia, or you’re just an adventurous eater, let us know if these recipes did your taste buds justice. If you have any recipes you’d like to share, we’d love to know them too.

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