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5 must see places in South Africa

South Africa is a truly unique place, rich in culture, history and both natural and manmade beauty. Diverse wildlife traverse the mesmerizing plains and the people are some of the friendliest, most welcoming in the world.

 While many South Africans forget or neglect what is available to them on their doorstep, many international travellers flock to see what Africa’s southern tip has on offer.

Bull and Cleaver, with much difficulty, chose it’s 5 favourite places to see and visit.

Cape Town

Cape Town is arguably where it all started. A city build on shipping trade and a breathtaking mountain, Cape Town is like no place on earth. It is the cultural epicenter of Africa that attracts a plethora of different people looking to soak up the African sun. Pristine beaches, amazing hiking trails and people from all corners of the globe make Cape Town a cosmopolitan city like no other.



South Africa’s largest and most famous township was a hotbed of anti-apartheid activity. Both local and international tourists visit freedom struggle sites and eat at a shebeens or township restaurants for an authentic experience. Bungy jumping from the Soweto towers is a favourite activity and the colours, smells sites, sounds and tastes are a sensory delight for any visitor.


Robben Island

The island’s most famous prisoner, Nelson Mandela, has turned this institute of brutality into a symbol of human spirit trumping enormous hardship. Guests are taken across the eerie island to learn just how harshly prisoners were treated during a terrible time in South Africa’s past. Nelson Mandela’s iconic ‘46664’ prison cell is open for tourists to see – a fantastic experience for anyone with an interest in history.


Kruger National Park

The world-renowned park sports nearly 2 million hectares of 16 ecosystems. Spot the Big Five on a 4x4 game drive or walking safari. See an abundance of majestic creatures like you’ve never seen them before. It’s the embodiment of Africa and it’s modern day, real-life magic.


South Africa’s pulsating African heartbeat homes endless opportunities for shopping, entertainment, freedom tours and eating out. The biggest city in South Africa doesn’t leave its visitors bored for a second. You can feel its energy from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you fall asleep. Tourists have left with heavy hearts and wide smiles, as Joburg is a city that people easily fall in love with - many even come back for more.


Remember, this list only consists of the Bull and Cleaver’s 5 favourite places, and although we’re confident that this list will bring with it only joy and unforgettable experiences, the list of things to do in South Africa is almost endless. We strongly believe that local and international tourists will agree.