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The global village

People move countries all the time. It is simply a part of life and we are no strangers to seeing non-natives living in a country they weren’t born in. The reasons are often unique and differ from person, but most commonly it is due to work, love, a bad association or experience, or perhaps just wanderlust and the search for walking on or creating a new path.

Whatever the reasons may be, South African living abroad usually frequent visits, craving the heat of the African sun, its people or its food. The problem with this is traveling is expensive these days, and emptying your pockets for a fix of nostalgia is not always a viable option.

Fortunately, technology is improving at a rapid rate and the things that expats love no longer feel a million miles away. Home can sometimes be reached by the click of a button and for this one can only feel a sense of relief.

Although South Africa may have its problems, South African expats still leave with a heavy heart because the people, culture, food and whether make the country like nowhere on earth. The smell of a braai on a Saturday afternoon, or the culture melting pot of the inner city, or even the almost symphonic taxis hooting during morning traffic – these are some of the things that are too difficult to forget (some more than others).

Some of these things have become so popular by virtue of South Africans sharing food and cultural with people from their new homes the international demand has increased. South African beers, biltong, boerewors (to name a few) are no longer exclusively for South Africans. Throughout the world, shops are importing South African products, and in some cases producing their own, to service South Africans abroad, as well as the international community who have grown fond of South African delights.

South African beers in Australia, biltong in North America, or even boerewors in New Zealand no longer come as a surprise to South African expats. The world is become a global village and the “fruits” of the village are now becoming more and more available to all.

There are products out there now that go beyond the cheap imitations of the past. Fancy packaging may be deceptive, but nothing can fool a good set of taste buds. From the comfort of your own home, wherever it may be, you are now a click away from enjoying those South African treats you miss so dearly.

Home is where the heart is, so why not indulge in the products you love. You no longer have to wait months, or even years, to enjoy the things that make home, home. The internet is now your window to the world and its wide open.