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Time for biltong talk

Word is getting out that biltong is a healthy snack alternative for popular diets like keto and paleo. We’ve been receiving reports from customers who have shared their biltong with co-workers, friends and family and then they have to come back for more because they don’t have any left!  That’s what biltong does to you - once you taste it you can’t forget it.   

Biltong is a flavorful air-dried beef snack that originated in South Africa, made with a simple ingredient list of vinegar, salt and spices. When made the traditional, authentic way, biltong contains no sugar, no additives, no artificial preservatives, is gluten-free and high in protein. Don't you just love a short ingredient list that you can understand and pronounce the words? 

That's exactly how we make biltong. It's perfect for a healthy, portable snack whether you are enjoying the outdoors or entertaining at home.

Head over to our online store to choose your favorite, whether it is sliced, snapsticks, traditional or chili flavor.