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  • 10 Pack - Droëwors
  • 10 Pack - Droëwors
  • 10 Pack - Droëwors
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10 Pack - Droëwors 2 oz

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Grab a 10 pack of our famous droëwors, your favorite meat sticks


  • 10 x Droëwors 2 oz



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Family recipe

This is our traditional South African biltong, made with the same natural methods and family recipe we've been using for generations. A full slab of steak is marinated in a traditional blend of spices and vinegar. Dried slowly to maintain their mouth-watering flavor. The result? Tons of taste!


Beef • Vinegar • Salt • Roasted Coriander • Rosemary • Pepper

nutritional info

per ounce

3g fat • 0g sugar • 0g carbohydrates

You won't find it collecting dust on a gas station shelf

We make our billtong in small batches to have a richer taste with the right amount of moisture that keeps you craving more.

  • ★★★★★

    My husband loves these, and so does our 4-year-old daughter! I feel good giving them to her as a healthy snack - high in protein and free of sugar, nitrates and artificial ingredients.


What's the difference between biltong and beef jerky?

Biltong is a dried beef snack that’s traditionally made in South Africa. Unlike beef jerky, our biltong is made with simple ingredients and without any sugar, artificial preservatives or additives.

Beef jerky is made by dehydrating thinly sliced pieces of beef over hours, whereas our biltong is made by air drying a slab of steak over weeks. This leads to a fresher product with superior flavor and texture.

How do I store my biltong? How long does it last after opening it?

Sealed bags have a long shelf life but must be stored in a cool, dry place in your pantry, away from humidity.

Once opened, seal and store in an airtight container and refrigerate. Eat within 10-14 days or freeze.

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What is your return policy?

We stand behind our products and won’t rest until you love our biltong. For replacements, refunds, or questions, email us at and we will make it right!