Citrus and Spice: The Lowdown on Chili Lime Beef Biltong

Citrus and Spice: The Lowdown on Chili Lime Beef Biltong

Meet Chili and Lime Beef Biltong

Our Chili and Lime Biltong adds a dash of spice and a squeeze of fresh citrus zest. We love the beef-forward taste in biltong, so for that extra oomph we just added a little something. Sticking to the traditional methods – rolling the steak in vinegar, coriander, salt and pepper—and then adding the chili zing and lime zest…that’s what makes this biltong kick like a Springbok.

 Chili Lime Beef Biltong Nutritional Facts

Add a pop of chili lime spice to a handful of healthy biltong and what do you get? A snack to look forward to. Packed with omega-3s, 16 grams of protein, and only 80 calories per ounce. Zero sugar. No MSG. Gluten-free. Paleo or Keto? You’re good to go.

Chili Lime Biltong Reviews

“Amazing product - was gone in two days!! 🇿🇦❤️” -Ainsley P.

“This stuff is fantastic! The chili biltong used to be my favorite until I tried the chili lime. I'm hooked!!” -Cody O.

“Great taste & love that there’s no sugar!” – Natalie W.

Where to Purchase Chili Lime Beef Biltong

Feeling snacky? Satisfy your craving in snack sizes, bulk bags, or give them all a try in our taster pack. Our chili lime beef biltong—and other tasty flavors—are available through our online store.

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