About Us


We started Bull & Cleaver in 2015.
But the story behind the brand begins 30 years before that.

We grew up in town called Durban, on the East Coast of South Africa.

When we were kids our dad owned a grocery store and a lot of our childhood was spent in that store, packing bags, stocking shelves, and cultivating an appreciation of good food and the impact it can have on people's lives.

But of all the fond memories we have of that little shop, there's one that'll stick with us forever - the smell of freshly made biltong.

If you don't know, biltong is the all-natural method of making tender, portable, and delicious meat without using sugar, additives, gluten, or GMOs. And once you taste it you can't forget it.

Once we moved, we couldn't find biltong anywhere. If you have had biltong before you know - jerky just isn't the same.

And so it went for years. Always craving biltong and never being able to find it. Until one day, after a trip back to South Africa, we'd had enough. 

We knew what we had to do. We had to bring our favourite snack to America.


And that's exactly what we did. Daniel started the store with his wife Jessica in 2014. And Marco quit his job to help out full time in 2018. Our parents, who taught us everything we know, help out in the store sometimes too. But either way, when you're dealing with Bull & Cleaver, you're dealing with family.

This is why we wake up every day, dedicating ourselves to perfecting the art of making the best, most authentic biltong this side of Cape Town.

If the reviews are anything to go by, we're aren't doing such a bad job. We think that's something worth being proud of. We hope you'll think so too.