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Growing up in South Africa my parents owned a grocery store and butcher that made what I thought was the world’s best biltong from scratch every week. I distinctly remember the smell of peppercorns and aged lean steak hanging from the deli of the store.

When I first came to North America I was really confused by what passed for beef jerky. Sweet and strangely spongy I couldn’t compare it to the rich steaky flavor I was raised on.

The biltong I enjoyed as a kid came from a South African recipe that goes back centuries passed on from farmers and spice traders that passed through Africa on their way to India. The jerky is naturally lean, rich in protein and flavoured with nothing but raw spices. The flavour brings the richness of steak, the kick of fresh cracked peppercorns, aromatic coriander and the complexity of a well aged prosciutto.

Bull and Cleaver is my attempt to bring the flavour of my childhood to people all over North America.

About Our Biltong

Biltong is a form of seasoned dried meat similar to jerky made exclusively from fine cuts of all beef steak. Even though biltong and jerky are both dried meats, there are a few differences that give biltong a fuller and more flavorful taste preferred by carnivores and omnivores all over the world. It really all comes down to how these two dried meats are prepared.

Biltong originates in South Africa and involves a specific recipe and process, whereas jerky has its origins in North America and has had a mixed reputation over the last couple years. Jerky is a dehydrated meat usually cut into small pieces dried in a dehydrator or oven and flavoured with sugar based sauces and marinades. Biltong on the other hand is air dried for a minimum of 7 days and always starts with a full cut of steak which encourages an aging process that gives the meat its unique flavor. The process of making biltong also includes seasoning the meat in vinegar and rubbing it spices such as pepper and coriander to bring out all of the delectable flavors of the meat. 

One of the benefits of air drying and the simple use of spices is that biltong retains more protein, contains less salt and uses no preservatives.

The most important thing at the end of the day is the taste and that is where biltong take the crown. It is a natural steaky flavor that is the love child of steak and velvety prosciutto.


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