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Finding the perfect biltong

Biltong comes in a lot of different shapes, sizes, textures and so on, which can make it difficult to know which kind you will like, especially if you’ve never tried it. Focusing on what flavors and textures you enjoy, along with what kinds of cooking you intend to use biltong in will be very helpful when making your biltong selection.

Finding the perfect biltong

Biltong can come in different shapes and sizes 

Original sliced biltong is fairly thin, which makes it perfect as an on-the-go snack. It also makes it easy to add to salads, crumble into soups, or use in place of salty and unhealthy processed meats on a sandwich. But many people prefer their biltong in thicker slices, or even in chunks. If you prefer a heartier cut of biltong, you can order our biltong as an unsliced pound. That way you can cut the meat to your own specifications and preferences. You can even shred it, which makes it easy to sprinkle on just about anything as a source of extra protein or a little extra flavor.

Biltong can come in different textures

Traditionally, biltong is very dry. This is due to the curing and natural drying process, which eliminates moisture to ensure that the meat will not spoil. However, many people prefer their biltong to be a bit wet, with some moisture left in for a chewy and tender texture. It is possible to choose your wetness level and most biltong will come either wet, medium wet or dry, depending on your choice. Similarly, if you decide to make your own biltong, you can alter the texture of the meat by the length of time you allow the meat to dry.

Sometimes finding the perfect biltong is as simple as trying different types until you discover one you love. At our online store we offer traditional biltong, as well as chili bites and Droewors. Head over their now to try them out and find your favorite!