Game On: The Lowdown on Grass Fed Beef Biltong

Game On: The Lowdown on Grass Fed Beef Biltong

Meet Grass Fed Beef Biltong

The secret to a better tasting beef snack is not to cover it up in a sugary, synthetic lacquer. Rather, we’re looking at the beef itself: how it’s sourced and how it’s  raised. Grass fed means the livestock was fed and developed with a diet of grass and corn. This gives the steaks we use a leaner and more gamey flavor, plus a vital bonus supply of omega-3s. Then we roll the steaks in vinegar, coriander, salt, pepper and a rosemary rub and air dry in a weeks-long process and – boom we have a bit of South Africa imbued in this fantastic product.

The Inspiration Behind Grass Fed Beef Biltong.

At farm stores and shops all over South Africa you can easily find a variety of different meats used to make premier biltong. For example: springbok, ostrich, impala, and kudu all have a unique taste. However, you won’t find those animals bounding around the North American countryside. Truly the only impala you might find out here is a car that runs on gasoline and even then, they don’t make them anymore. When we set out to find that gamy, flavorful taste that reminded us of home – grass fed beef was the answer we were looking for.

Grass Fed Beef Biltong Nutritional Facts

Give your bike ride, leg day or tough work week a boost with a healthy biltong snack, packed with omega-3s, 16 grams of protein, and only 80 calories per ounce. Zero sugar. No MSG. Gluten-free. Paleo or Keto? You’re good to go.

Grass Fed Biltong Reviews

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the taste of the Grass Fed Biltong! I just started my monthly subscription and upped the quantity. Such a great snack.” - Tiffany W.

“This is just like the biltong that I used to eat in South Africa…actually, better, as it has next to no gristle. The meat quality is excellent.  I love that biltong isn’t made with any sugar or artificial anything in contrast to the disgusting American jerky.  I couldn’t stop eating my first bag of biltong in 3 years.  Couldn’t be happier with the product.” - Judy K.

“I need a vault to keep these longer because I finished them too quickly and now my supply is gone again! So tasty, hits that savoury craving spot without the guilt. Time to order again!” - Sunta S.

Where to Purchase Grass Fed Beef Biltong

You can try our grass fed beef biltong and all of our other flavors by ordering through our online store. Our grass fed biltong comes in both convenient snack sizes and bulk bags, and are available via subscription so that you can make sure you’re always freshly stocked.

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