Is Biltong bad for you?

Is Biltong bad for you?

Biltong, a form of cured, dried meat is typically made using beef. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding red meat, such as beef, including that it is bad for you and will increase your risk of several cancers. While it’s hard to determine exactly what causes and prevents disease, what we can say for sure is that meat is a natural – and somewhat essential – part of the food pyramid. Furthermore, the type of beef used and the process for making biltong makes in not only safe, but also a delicious and nutritious snack. 

Is Biltong Bad for you?

It contains no nitrates

Nitrates are commonly used in many processed meats as preservatives. Processed turkey meat, for example, contains sodium nitrite. These nitrates can react with amino acids to form carcinogenic compounds that can damage the DNA. Since biltong is cured, meaning it is rubbed down with salt to prevent the growth of bacteria, there is no need for added preservatives or nitrates, as biltong will never go bad.

It is not cooked or prepared using high temperatures

Frying, roasting or grilling meat can promote the formation of carcinogens. Biltong is never fried, roasted or grilled, as the primary process for making biltong is hanging to dry, which is a very natural process.

It contains minerals that lower cancer risk

Biltong is made using grass-fed beef and is higher in omega-3s and linoleic acid than regular beef. It also contains less fat. Since Omega-3s promote heart health and protect against heart attack, while linoleic acid acts as a cancer defense, biltong is one of the best ways to consume meat while still acquiring essential nutrients and not put yourself at risk of negative health factors.

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