Is biltong good for you?

Is biltong good for you?

Biltong is a form of dried, cured meat, most commonly made from beef, however can be made from a variety of different red meats. Many people will buy biltong because, not only is it delicious, but it is a healthy alternative to snacks like chips, fries, and candy. 

Is biltong good for you?

Biltong is an excellent source of protein and low in carbohydrates

Biltong contains no carcinogenic ingredients, and is overall a safe and delicious high protein snack. Most biltong contains over 50 per cent in pure protein value. It’s also ideal for a low carb diet. Many outdoor enthusiasts including, hunters, campers and hikers prefer biltong for this very reason.

Biltong has no added chemicals or preservatives

Many meat products contain very high chemical content because of added ingredients such as monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrate, and artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives. Biltong does not contain any of these. The only ingredients used in the making of biltong are vinegar, salt, black pepper, coriander and the meat. Sometimes a few other spices will be used to add even more flavor.

Biltong also has no need for added preservatives, as the product itself was born out of a need for meat preservation. Used by South Africans for long trips during the wintertime, biltong was made by curing the strips of meat with salt and hanging it to dry. This natural process is still used today when making biltong.

Biltong is made from grass fed beef

Most biltong is made from grass fed beef, which means that it contains an abundance of health properties that it would not have, had it been made from grain fed beef. Overall, grass fed beef contains less total fat, more omega-3s, more linoleic acid and more vitamin E than grain fed beef. Omega-3s are vital for heart health, while linoleic acid serves as a cancer defense.

Apart from its unique flavor, biltong is also a healthy and convenient snack. Try some today by heading over and buy biltong in the United States online