Holy Smokes: The Lowdown on Smokehouse Beef Biltong

Holy Smokes: The Lowdown on Smokehouse Beef Biltong

Meet Smokehouse Beef Biltong

 You may not have a personal smokehouse in your backyard (yet!) but when you’re looking for an authentic beef biltong taste with that punch of smoky spice, Bull & Cleaver has your back. We’re bringing small batch smokehouse biltong right to your door. That means every order we fulfill tastes fresh, keeps that tender biltong texture you love, and saves you from having to explain why you bought and outfitted an entire smokehouse shed in your backyard. Sticking to the traditional biltong recipe – we roll the steak in vinegar, coriander, salt and pepper and cure the beef along with smoky chilis to deliver that defining flavor.

 The Inspiration Behind Smokehouse Biltong

 Smoking meats calls back to big gatherings, reunions, and enjoying the special rarity of family recipes and delicious plates of food. The quintessential smokiness with an excellent beef-forward biltong flavor brings it all together with Bull & Cleaver’s favorite family recipe. Plus, it’s a healthier snack you can enjoy in between workouts or to kick off a brainstorm session at work.)

Smokehouse Beef Biltong Nutritional Facts

Looking for a support snack to pull you through a marathon all day grill session? Or a perfect sidecar nosh for a road trip? Our smokehouse biltong is packed with omega-3s, 16 grams of protein, and only 80 calories per ounce. Zero sugar. No MSG. Gluten-free. Paleo or Keto? You’re good to go.

Where to Purchase Smokehouse Beef Biltong

Satisfy your craving in snack sizes, bulk bags, or give them all a try in our taster pack. Our smokehouse beef biltong—and other tasty flavors—are available through our online store.

Plus, if you’re looking to save on every Bull & Cleaver order, get yourself subscribed and you’ll save 10%. Schedule your snacks in advance and save a chunk of change. For a zero-sugar snack, that’s a pretty sweet deal.