👀 Surprising Facts About Biltong 👇

Hi there biltong lovers,

Get the facts! Today we wanted to talk about what goes into making our 1 pound bag of biltong.  

  1. It takes about 2.5 - 3 pounds of beef to make 1 pound of biltong - wow, now that’s packed with 100% protein!
  2. Unlike beef jerky that is cooked slowly with low heat, biltong is air dried and cured
  3. Biltong is made without sugar, zero artificial preservatives and only 5-6 ingredients. It's also GMO and Gluten free.
  4. 100% Beef
  5. High-protein snack - 16g of protein per ounce
  6. Keto-friendly
  7. No carbs
  8. USDA approved