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History of South African biltong in the United States

Biltong originated in South Africa and for many years was used as a food survival technique for long trips. The cured meat has been a favorite among the people of South Africa for over 400 years now.  Biltong’s influence in South Africa Biltong is unique to South Africa, both for its taste and preparation methods. Originally used a survival technique, where the meat was cured with salt and vinegar, hung to dry and then packaged in cloth bags for long journeys during the wintertime. With the introduction of refrigeration, the traditional use of biltong is no longer necessary, however it still remains as popular as ever due to its unmatchable taste. Biltong is a staple of South African food culture...

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History of South African biltong

Biltong, a form of dried, cured meat, first came about as a meat preservation technique needed for survival. Meat preservation dates back to ancient times Meat preservation as a whole has been around for a long, long time. European seafarers preserved meat for long journeys by curing it with salt or brine. The indigenous people of South Africa preserved meat by slicing it into strips, curing it with salt and hanging it to dry. European settlers who came to South Africa in the early 17th century added vinegar to the curing process, as well as potassium nitrate, which kills a deadly bacterium, while the vinegar inhibits its growth. Food preservation was used as a survival technique The need for food...

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