Traditional Biltong Deep Dive

Traditional Biltong Deep Dive

 Meet Traditional Biltong

When we say Traditional, we’re talking authentic South African biltong: a recipe that we’re proud to bring to the states. We roll the meat in seasoning and vinegar to build that savory foundation. The coriander, salt, pepper, and rosemary rub is pulled into the high quality steaks over a weeks long air drying process, giving them that distinct full-bodied beef flavor. Delicately and thinly sliced, our biltong has a prosciutto-like quality but is packed with flavor and protein.

The Inspiration Behind Traditional Biltong

For hundreds of years biltong has been a staple in South African culture. Families have their own treasured biltong-making setups so they can make it at home. Recipes are cherished. Delis and butcher shops all around SA are guaranteed to have biltong. In the US and Canada? Not so much. Bull & Cleaver has brought our little slice of tradition and wants to share the family recipe to those who miss it, those who want a healthier and more substantial snack, and to anyone who wants to dive into biltong.

Traditional Biltong Nutritional Facts

Treat your hike, weight training or busy work day to a no-fuss, delectable healthy snack. 16 grams of protein and 80 calories per ounce. Zero sugar. No MSG. Gluten-free. Paleo or Keto? You’re good to go.

Traditional Biltong Reviews

As a South African living in the USA it’s hard to find authentic biltong. I have to say it’s amazing and so happy I found you!” - Tanya V.

Received product quickly. Very well packaged…tender and delicious.” - James B.

Being on a carnivore diet, I’m always looking for an ‘animal’ based snack I can have available. Much prefer Bull & Cleaver biltong products over various jerky products.” - Ben C. 

This is The Real Deal!  Regte biltong, with a slight peppery taste and melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness!  I'm so glad we found you.” - Theresa Van S.

Where to Purchase Traditional Biltong

You can try our traditional biltong and all of our other flavors by ordering through our online store. Our Traditional biltong comes in both convenient snack sizes and bulk bags, and are available via subscription so that you can make sure you’re always freshly stocked.

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