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Using biltong for every occasion

Biltong, like beef jerky, is primarily seen as a road trip staple – a snack for travellers on the go. But unlike beef jerky, biltong is actually incredibly diverse and can be added to your regular diet any day of the week and not just when on the go. Furthermore, it can be a great tool when preparing to host guests. Here are some ways you can use biltong for any occasion.

Using biltong for every occasion

Use biltong when hosting a party  

If you’re hosting a cocktail party, or perhaps Christmas dinner is your responsibility this year, biltong is perfect for addition to the appetizer tray. Make up a platter with different types of cheeses and crackers and instead of using salami or sausage, use biltong. It’s healthier, more flavorful and your guests will love it! Plus, you can fill up the tray using different types of biltong. Traditional biltong, savoury chili bites and Droewors – a dried, spiced sausage made from beef and lamb – will be sure to keep your guests satisfied. Got any vegetarians at the party? Try making your very own mushroom biltong.

Use biltong on your next camping trip

During the summer and fall months, camping is a favorite activity of many. With a lot of people opting for tents instead of cabins or trailers, deciding what to pack for food and planning out meals can be a difficult task. You want something that’s healthy, filling and tasty, but also isn’t hard to lug around and that doesn’t need to be refrigerated or cooked on a traditional stove. Biltong hits all of those points. You can even take it with you when you go hiking as a high-protein snack that will provide you with enough energy to make it back to the campsite.

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