What makes a great chilibite?

Chilibites are one of my favourite kinds of biltong and we have recently been working on our recipe. So what goes into it?
Rather than drying the whole steak, we cut it into smaller sticks that we twist and then roll in spices. This lends to a unique texture, a lot more flavour packed in and that characteristic snap!
Growing up in South Africa we used to always have chilibites on the long drives from Durban to Johannesburg. We would always make a stop at this little shop near a town called Midland with a mural of two mustachioed brothers. Inside were baskets of biltong of every kind, kudu, impala and spiced with peri peri, coriander and garlic.
Over the years we have been working on perfecting ours. Making them as close to the memory we had from South Africa. With all the flavour and snap in every bite.
We can't wait for you to try it. Visit our store to try it yourself.