Why biltong is the perfect convenience store snack

Why biltong is the perfect convenience store snack

Biltong is similar to jerky in that they are both dried meats where the most common ingredient is beef. Beef Jerky has been a convenience store staple for many years, popular among campers, truck drivers and those looking for a convenient and savory road trip snack. While beef jerky is available in nearly every convenience store and grocery store across North America, biltong is not yet as easily accessible. As the popularity of biltong continues to grow, convenience stores would benefit greatly from adding it to their shelves. 

biltong is the perfect convenience store snack

Biltong is convenient and delicious

Biltong is just as convenient to sell as jerky. It can be packaged similarly and is lightweight. However, biltong differs from beef jerky in taste. Where as beef jerky is dry, crumbly and smoky tasting, biltong can be chewy and flavorful, with notes of sweet and salty due to the use of salt and vinegar in the curing process.

Biltong can be made using various types of meat

While the primary meat used in jerky and biltong is beef, biltong can also be made using a variety of different meats including game, ostrich, chicken and fish. Offering different types of biltong in stores would offer customers a wide range of choices to suit their every desire.

Biltong is nutritious

Biltong is a high-protein, low-fat snack. It’s perfect for people who are always on the go, and often shop in convenience stores to grab a quick snack for the road or something with nutrients to keep them going. If sold in convenience stores, biltong would be a great alternative to salty snacks like chips and pretzels or sugary snacks like candy and chocolate.

Biltong has all of the qualities of the perfect on-the-go snack and would be a great addition to convenience stores across America. To try it out for yourself, head over to our online store and buy some today.