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Traditional Biltong
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Traditional Biltong


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South Africa's gift to the world - Biltong, is natural dried and seasoned steak, a beef jerky originating from South Africa. Similar to beef jerky but naturally lower in salt and higher in protein. The flavour is a combo of rich steak and flavourful prosciutto.

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Your friends aren't going to believe you found Biltong this good - in America

Our biltong recipe has been handed down through the generations of our family. Today we make it in the USA with the finest beef money can buy.

Naturally lean steak flavoured with nothing but whole food spices. The richness of steak, the kick of fresh cracked peppercorns, aromatic coriander and the complexity of a well aged prosciutto. It's a flavor you can't compare.

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Ingredients: Beef, Vinegar, Salt, Coriander, Black Pepper.

Nutritional info (4 oz): 320 calories, 60g protein, 10g fat, 0g carbohydrates

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