biltong FAQ

Frequently asked questions about South African biltong

biltong FAQ

What is biltong? 

Biltong is a type of cured, dried meat that originated in South Africa. It can be made using various types of meat, such as chicken, ostrich or game, but it is most commonly prepared using beef.

What’s the difference between biltong and beef jerky?

While they are similar in that they are spiced, dried meats (and mostly beef), the taste and production processes differ. Jerky is seasoned and smoked, giving it a dry, salty and smoky taste. Biltong on the other hand is cured with salt, vinegar and other spices, and hung to air dry. The result is a thicker and more flavorful meat, with taste elements that are both sweet and salty.

When does biltong expire?

That’s the best part – it doesn’t. Because of the way biltong is cured and dried to protect it from contamination, the meat will never go bad. Of course the longer you leave it sit, the less likely it will be to hold it’s freshness and full flavor, but the meat itself will not spoil. Our biltong is always fresh and flavorful and if this is your first time buying it, we have a feeling that it won’t last sitting on your shelf for long.

Is biltong healthy for you?

In short, yes. Biltong is favored among athletes, hikers, and those on special diets as it is considered a high protein, low fat snack. Because of the preservation process, biltong keeps most of its protein content, which can be up to 67 percent. Besides being high in protein, biltong contains many other vitamins and minerals, including iron, vitamin B12, zinc, creatine and Vitamin E, which are all vital to our health.

Where can I buy biltong?

Right here! Our biltong store carries a great selection of grass-fed biltong, as well as Droewors and chili bites, to meet your satisfaction.