Health benefits of biltong

Health benefits of biltong

Biltong was originally created as a means of survival. Since then it has gone on to be known as a tasty and convenient snack, one that’s perfect for road trips and hitchhiking. But biltong is also beneficial to those on diets or looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle change. These are just a few of the health benefits you’ll get from eating biltong. 

Health benefits of biltong

Biltong is a great source of natural protein

Protein plays one of the most important roles in our bodies. For starters, it is crucial to muscle growth as it restores our supply on amino acids. Without protein our muscles cannot grow or repair themselves. Protein also contributes to the regulation of hormones that are linked to motivation and cognition. Finally, protein helps us to feel satisfied and full when we eat, which is helpful to maintain and control our appetites.

Biltong is a great source of Iron

Iron helps to make red blood cells, and since red blood cells carry oxygen around the body, they are vital to our survival and good health. Iron is also a key player in muscle growth and recovery.

Biltong is a great source of Vitamin B12

Like Iron, Vitamin B12 also helps to make red blood cells, and help with muscle maintenance. It also keeps our nervous system healthy, releases energy from the food we eat, and processes folic acid.

Biltong is a great source of Zinc

Another cell creator, Zinc is also responsible for creating enzymes. It helps us process carbohydrates, fat and protein in the foods we eat – like biltong – so that we can use it for energy. Zinc also helps with the healing of wounds.

Biltong is a great source of creatine

Since creatine allows the body to produce more energy, it is an important part of working out or taking part in any physical activity, whether it’s hiking or playing a sport.

Biltong provides many nutrients and vitamins to the body, to get some for yourself – check out our biltong store!