Who can eat biltong?

Who can eat biltong?

Biltong is one of the most versatile meat snacks out there. Not only does it comes in a number of different types, including beef, chicken, fish, game, ostrich and even vegetarian (mushroom), but it also comes in a number of different styles including strips, bites, cubes, shredded and even powdered. This makes it useful in a large amount of cooking dishes, and it also means that it has the ability to appeal to just about anyone. 

Who can eat biltong

Biltong is great for children

Since biltong is 100 % beef and made using only natural ingredients and processes, it is healthy and safe for children to consume. Biltong is high in protein, which means it is a great snack for young kids who burn off energy faster than most adults. It’s also convenient to pack in your child’s lunch, take on long road trips or when playing outside, as it won’t spoil and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated or cooled. It’s the perfect snack for children – especially since they are always on the go.

Biltong isn’t just for eating either – many mothers, especially in South Africa where biltong originated, have been known to give their infants biltong sticks to chew on, as it really aids the teething process.

Biltong is great for pets

Since biltong is made from beef, many people might think it odd to feed it to their pets, but animals have been hunting and eating raw meat for centuries. Biltong can even be served in smaller pieces, as little cubes or shredded to make it easier for your pet to chew or digest. Biltong usually serves as more of a dog or cat treat, rather than a full meal replacement, however if you choose it could also be used as your primary pet food choice.

Biltong is great for you

Your family and pets will love it, and so will you! Head over to our online biltong store to pick up some for yourself today!