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What makes it so good

The world's best beef jerky made from the best grassfed beef

We only use slabs of the finest grass fed steak and natural whole spices.
The taste - a lovechild of the beefiest jerky and the most tender prosciutto.

What makes it so good

Grassfed happy cows

Our cows are fed a natural grass based diet and live a happy, hormone and antibiotic free life. This gives our jerky an earthy, meaty flavor that is lower in fat and includes more omega-3 fatty acids.

Tender flavourful steak

Our aging process uses a simple blend of natural whole food spices that doesn'€™t overpower the natural flavor of the beefy, tender chewy steak. Instead it adds a unique steaky texture and rich flavor.

Lean mean protein

This isn'€™t the paper thin jerky you are used to. Rich in protein, low in fat, this is the guilt and preservative free snack you owe your body.