Wholesale Orders

Beef jerky is one of the fastest growing product categories in America and we believe in a few years it will be no secret that biltong is the king of all beef.

We sell and wholesale the best biltong you can find in North America made in true South African style and we wholesale to many retailers across the USA passionate about the better taste, nutrition and quality compared to anything else you will find in the USA.

We offer competitive pricing for our retailers and ship anywhere in the USA. We like to run smaller pack sizes to keep the product fresh and moving quickly off your shelves.

If you are looking to stand out and pack your snack aisle or front counter with something new and interesting that will knock your customer's socks off - try biltong. We have seen people sell our biltong in gyms, gourmet food stalls and sporting events with a great draw from customers looking both for something new, exotic and tasty and with those looking to compliment a healthy life style with a better snack. Nothing beats biltong.

If you are interested in wholesaling and growing your business please send us a note with some information about your business and which products you are most interested in.