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Delicious Biltong Appetizer Recipes

Biltong, a form of dried, cured meat, is tasty, diverse and packed with protein. Because of this, it makes a great addition to dinner dishes such as pastas, stews and soups. But it also can be used in appetizers as a before dinner snack. Biltong comes in many forms including powdered form, which makes it easy to add to just about anything. Biltong is easy to integrate into all of your favorite tasty recipes.

Delicious Biltong Appetizer Recipes

Biltong makes a great light snack

Cream cheese and biltong truffles are the perfect snack to offer guests before a dinner party. They are incredibly easy to make, and the recipe is so versatile in that it can be changed to use any flavors or herbs that you choose. Using cream cheese as the base, you simply roll everything together and as a final touch, dip the truffles in powdered biltong. Both sweet and savory, these mini appetizers are a creamy treat that guests will love. 

Biltong makes a great dip

Biltong can be whipped up into a dip in less than 30 minutes and serves four people. In addition to biltong, the recipe includes only a few simple ingredients including olive oil, sour cream, mayonnaise, parsley and an onion. The dip can be paired with chips, pita or breadsticks. For a double dose of biltong flavor, use cheese and biltong straws – a flaky butter pastry, twisted with butter and sprinkled with biltong powder. The smooth and creamy biltong dip is sure to be a huge hit at parties. 

Whether you’re having a dinner party or just hosting a few friends over to watch a movie, these appetizers are the perfect addition to the evening. Head over to our store now so you can try out these biltong recipes for yourself!