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Using biltong for every occasion

Biltong, like beef jerky, is primarily seen as a road trip staple – a snack for travellers on the go. But unlike beef jerky, biltong is actually incredibly diverse and can be added to your regular diet any day of the week and not just when on the go. Furthermore, it can be a great tool when preparing to host guests. Here are some ways you can use biltong for any occasion. Use biltong when hosting a party   If you’re hosting a cocktail party, or perhaps Christmas dinner is your responsibility this year, biltong is perfect for addition to the appetizer tray. Make up a platter with different types of cheeses and crackers and instead of using salami or...

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Who can eat biltong?

Biltong is one of the most versatile meat snacks out there. Not only does it comes in a number of different types, including beef, chicken, fish, game, ostrich and even vegetarian (mushroom), but it also comes in a number of different styles including strips, bites, cubes, shredded and even powdered. This makes it useful in a large amount of cooking dishes, and it also means that it has the ability to appeal to just about anyone.  Biltong is great for children Since biltong is 100 % beef and made using only natural ingredients and processes, it is healthy and safe for children to consume. Biltong is high in protein, which means it is a great snack for young kids who...

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Biltong and the Paleo Diet

The paleolithic diet – or paleo diet – is a diet trend based off of foods that were eaten by Paleolithic humans. When humans relied on the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, long before the agriculture revolution, and today’s trend of highly processed foods. The paleo diet includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and meats. The diet excludes dairy products, grains, sugars, processed oils, salt, coffee and alcohol. The diet was started as a way to promote overall health, and in recent years has grown in popularity, with many people latching on to this new – or rather reestablished – way of life. There are many benefits to adopting a lifestyle that is low in sugar and carbs and high in protein. One way...

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