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Who can eat biltong?

Biltong is one of the most versatile meat snacks out there. Not only does it comes in a number of different types, including beef, chicken, fish, game, ostrich and even vegetarian (mushroom), but it also comes in a number of different styles including strips, bites, cubes, shredded and even powdered. This makes it useful in a large amount of cooking dishes, and it also means that it has the ability to appeal to just about anyone.  Biltong is great for children Since biltong is 100 % beef and made using only natural ingredients and processes, it is healthy and safe for children to consume. Biltong is high in protein, which means it is a great snack for young kids who...

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Is Biltong bad for you?

Biltong, a form of cured, dried meat is typically made using beef. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding red meat, such as beef, including that it is bad for you and will increase your risk of several cancers. While it’s hard to determine exactly what causes and prevents disease, what we can say for sure is that meat is a natural – and somewhat essential – part of the food pyramid. Furthermore, the type of beef used and the process for making biltong makes in not only safe, but also a delicious and nutritious snack.  It contains no nitrates Nitrates are commonly used in many processed meats as preservatives. Processed turkey meat, for example, contains sodium nitrite. These...

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Different types of biltong

Traditionally, biltong has been made using beef. This is partly because of the taste and texture it offers. Biltong is both sweet and savoury, with hints of rich spices, while the beef texture can be either soft and juicy or tough and crumbly. But it is also because beef is widely available and cost effective.  However, biltong can also be made using other types of meat besides beef. Chicken, game, ostrich and fish have all been used to make biltong. Biltong can even be made without meat. Mushroom biltong provides a nice vegetarian option that has a similar texture and look to traditional beef biltong. Chicken biltong Instead of salt and vinegar, which is used in the beef curing process,...

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Health benefits of biltong

Biltong was originally created as a means of survival. Since then it has gone on to be known as a tasty and convenient snack, one that’s perfect for road trips and hitchhiking. But biltong is also beneficial to those on diets or looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle change. These are just a few of the health benefits you’ll get from eating biltong.  Biltong is a great source of natural protein Protein plays one of the most important roles in our bodies. For starters, it is crucial to muscle growth as it restores our supply on amino acids. Without protein our muscles cannot grow or repair themselves. Protein also contributes to the regulation of hormones that are linked to motivation...

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Is biltong good for you?

Biltong is a form of dried, cured meat, most commonly made from beef, however can be made from a variety of different red meats. Many people will buy biltong because, not only is it delicious, but it is a healthy alternative to snacks like chips, fries, and candy.  Biltong is an excellent source of protein and low in carbohydrates Biltong contains no carcinogenic ingredients, and is overall a safe and delicious high protein snack. Most biltong contains over 50 per cent in pure protein value. It’s also ideal for a low carb diet. Many outdoor enthusiasts including, hunters, campers and hikers prefer biltong for this very reason. Biltong has no added chemicals or preservatives Many meat products contain very high...

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